Tackling Transportation Problems An Evolutionary Approach

Student:Moritz Mühlenthaler
Title:Tackling Transportation Problems An Evolutionary Approach
Type:study thesis
Advisors:Kókai, G.
State:submitted on December 20, 2007

The process of delivering goods from production facilities to storage facilities, retail stores or directly to consumers is of fundamental importance for trade and economy. The art and science of managing delivery processes, i.e. delivering the right quantity at the right time while making the best possible use of available resources, is commonly referred to as logistics. The scientific analysis of logistics problems using tools such as mathematical modelling and computer simulations aims at providing support for making complex logistics decisions. The study of logistics problems is intimately connected with the field of operations research (OR).

Real-world transportation problems are of very diverse nature since they occur on a range of different scales, multiple transport modes may be involved and there are numerous constraints and business rules to be considered.

The student has to be concentrated on the following problems:

  • Define a new model and a flexible format for these problems: Much attention has been paid to make the model general enough to describe transportation problems on different scales, with different modes and different types of goods.
  • Solve the transportation problems with the help of Genetic Algorithm:The algorithm uses evolutionary computation (EC) techniques to search for optimal solutions to a transportation problem with respect to a given set of possibly conflicting goals.
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