Parallele und Funktionale Programmierung - Organisation

Some literature:

References for Java and Scala

Examination modality:

In order to successfully complete the module, you must accomplish the written exam:
  • Written examination
    A written module examination comprising 60 min. will take place presumably on July 26th, 2016. Examples of old exams for your preparation are provided here.
The grade of the module results from the grade of the written examination and will be weighted as 5 credit points in your final university report.

Please note: Some examination regulations (e.g. for old diploma grades) may have different requirements!

Setting up your personal working environment:

In order to solve the weekly exercise sheets on you personal computers we recomment you to set up the following working environment: Important notice for working in the CIP pools:
  • In case you choose to solve your (practical) exercises in the CIP (computer lab), please make sure that your user home directory is locked up for other user, e.g. by executing the following command in a shell: chmod 700 ~
  • Please also note the CIP-FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions concerning the computer science lab (CIP).
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