Dr.-Ing. Volker Barthelmann


Compilers for embedded systems
Director: Philippsen, M.
Coworker: Barthelmann, V.; Schell, D.; Veldema, R.


WS 2003/2004

SS 2003

WS 2002/2003

SS 2002

SS 2001


  1. Barthelmann, V.: Advanced Compiling Techniques to reduce RAM Usage of Static Operating Systems. Erlangen, Universität, Dissertation thesis, 2004. - 145 pages (BibTeX)
  2. Barthelmann, V.: Inter-Task Register-Allocation for Static Operating Systems. In: ACM (Ed.): ACM SIGPLAN - LCTES/SCOPES (Joint Conference on Languages, Compilers and Tools for Embedded Systems & Software and Compilers for Embedded Systems, Berlin/Germany)., 2002, pp. 149-154 (BibTeX)

Supervised theses

Finished theses

  1. Christoph Dietze: Entwurf einer EC++-Spezifikation und -Implementierung auf Basis von ISO C.[DT]
    Advisors: Barthelmann, V.; Klemm, M.; Philippsen, M.: submitted on July 3, 2006
  2. Alexander Humphreys: Graph-coloring Register Allocation for various Microcontrollers.[SP]
    Advisors: Barthelmann, V.; Philippsen, M.: submitted on February 2, 2004
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