Software Watermarking

Director:Philippsen, M.
Beginning:January 1, 2016
Coworker:Novac, D.

Software watermarking means hiding selected features in code, in order to identify it or prove its authenticity. This is useful for fighting software piracy, but also for checking the correct distribution of open-source software (like for instance projects under the GNU license). The previously proposed methods assume that the watermark can be introduced at the time of software development, and require the understanding and input of the author for the embedding process. The goal of our research is the development of a watermarking framework that automates this process by introducing the watermark while compiling the code and can also be used for existing code. As a first approach we study a method that is based on symbolic execution and function synthesis.
In 2018 two methods on symbolic execution and function synthesis were analysed within the bounds of two bachelor theses in order to determine the most appropriate one for our approach.

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