Embedded Systems Institute

Director:Philippsen, M.
Period:September 1, 2007 - December 31, 2014
Coworker:Kempf, S.; Dotzler, G.; Blaß, T.; Werth, T.; Mutschler, C.; Kumlehn, A.; Oster, N.; Kellermann, D.

In September 2007 the ESI – Embedded System Institute – was founded as an interdisciplinary center at the Friedrich-Alexander-University (FAU) with the goal to coordinate and organize research, teaching, and further education in the field of embedded systems.

ESI brings together existing skills within the university and interests, activities, and goals of large and medium sized companies in the field of embedded systems.

Companies obtain access to latest research results and the opportunity to develop common projects, to establish ties, and to find co-operation partners. The ESI concentrates the skills of the chairs of computer sciences and makes them usable for co-operation projects. Hence, the latest research results can be transferred into products in a speedy way. Finally, the ESI may serve as a platform for recruiting excellent students and highly qualified young academics at an early stage.

The chair of computer science department 2 (Prof. Philippsen) is one of the active founders of the ESI and carries out research projects within the ESI. In future jearly reports, we do not explicitly mention our contribution to ESI any longer.

More information can be found at http://www.esi.uni-erlangen.de and http://www.esi-anwendungszentrum.de

Interdisziplinares Zentrum ESI
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